Marketing ideas for construction business

For a person who is not too deeply versed in the topic, it might seem that no special “construction marketing” exists and cannot exist: the same technologies can or can not be applied to those who offer construction services, as well as to the financial sector, car dealers or retail food trade. Only a marketer who is well versed in the specifics of the business can achieve success and having marketing ideas for construction business which means that he will work directly with potential customers, understand their needs and can build a competent advertising campaign based on the client’s tasks and the market situation.

Marketing ideas for construction business

What distinguishes construction marketing from others?

The answer to this question is easiest to give if you understand the features of the construction business or strategy for construction company itself:

  • fewer transactions with a higher cost of each of them – of course, the construction business is inferior to sales in the number of concluded contracts, but the amount of individual contracts is much higher. Because of this feature, the value of each attracted client increases, as well as the importance of his retention;
  • pronounced seasonality – most construction and repair work is carried out in the warm season, due to weather and climate conditions and technological processes. This forces the construction of advertising campaigns in such a way that their maximum efficiency falls at the beginning of the construction season, and vice versa, by the end of it, attracting new customers becomes less important;
  • a wide range of services – of course, a construction company can specialize in one or two services, but this is a rarity and most often a losing strategy. In the conditions of growing competition, there are successfully those companies that can satisfy the maximum number of customer requests, preferably without involving third-party performers. All this should also be reflected in the marketing strategy;
  • high competition – the construction services market is one of the most competitive in the country. Thousands of different companies provide their services in this area – from small construction teams to large corporations offering services for the construction of entire residential and commercial complexes throughout the country. In order not to be left overboard in such conditions, it is necessary to understand the market well, to know the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and to be always ahead. A significant part of the responsibilities here lies with marketers.

Given the above, it becomes obvious that only a marketer who is well versed in the construction business and its features can conduct a competent and effective advertising campaign. And just such a specialist should be sought by everyone who wants to succeed in the market.

Marketing ideas for construction business: construction marketing strategies

  1. Internet marketing
  2. television advertising 
  3. urban advertising
  4. events
  5. participation in exhibitions

Marketing ideas for construction business

A variety of methods can be used to implement the selected marketing strategies to expand your construction business and achieve your goals. Here are the most common ones:

Internet marketing 

the World Wide Web has long been the main sales channel and the main tool for attracting customers in many areas. The construction business is no exception here: with the right approach, the use of advertising on thematic resources and social media marketing for construction companies, construction social media ideas, smart targeting to potential customers, the Internet can bring a substantial part of the income at a relatively low cost. But only on condition that an experienced specialist is engaged in this area;

television advertising 

for many people it is television that is the main source of information, which means that the marketing strategy must take this direction into account. The advantages of television advertising are in the wide coverage of the territory, because there are televisions even where there are problems with computers and Internet access, as well as in another target audience, mostly of an older age. Competently filmed videos that are shown at the right time, and even small informational inserts in television programs can significantly increase sales to existing players or announce themselves to a new company on the market;

urban advertising

outdoor advertising can be a good source of sales for the construction business: billboards, lightboxes, banners and other designs can effectively cope with conveying information about the company and its advantages to potential customers. It is important to take care of competent design and think over the placement of advertising structures, because they should be located in crowded places and be well readable. In addition to direct promotion of services, urban advertising allows you to make a company and its brands recognizable, which will further contribute to the choice in its favor when searching for contractors for construction work;


various presentations, meetings with clients and other events are quite effective as part of the overall marketing strategy of the construction company. Unlike the methods described above, the event allows company representatives to communicate directly with customers, both current and potential, answer their questions, find out preferences, talk about the company’s activities in an accessible and understandable way.

In addition, personal communication is always more effective than other methods, which means it will convince a greater number of customers of the need to cooperate with you;

participation in exhibitions 

specialized exhibitions dedicated to construction and repair are regularly held in all corners of the country. And participation in them for companies that want to succeed in the market is a necessity. In addition to communicating with customers, informing about the activities of your company, you can always be up to date with the latest news in the construction industry, learn about the activities of competitors, which ultimately will improve the quality of services and make them more accessible to customers. Ultimately, this will lead to increased sales for the company.

Choosing one method to promote the construction company and at the same time achieve success is an impossible task, and only with an integrated approach can you count on good results.

Where to start marketing a construction company?

Where to start marketing a construction company?
start marketing a construction company

The first thing to do before starting a promotion is to discuss the specific financial goals that you want to achieve. They can vary greatly depending on the company: for some, this is the search for the first customer, for someone, a 30-40% increase in profits, etc. The main thing is to clearly articulate specific figures to the marketer, as well as the time frame in which you need to invest . At the same time, the goals must be achievable and real, because for the task of “leading the company into the top three in a month”, if it has just begun its activity, not a single sane specialist will undertake it.

After the goals and deadlines are defined, a general strategy of actions and a step-by-step plan for their achievement are worked out. In close cooperation between the company’s management and marketers, specific marketing steps are drawn up: launching advertising on television, conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet, creating pages on social networks, setting billboards around the city, etc. The development should be as detailed as possible to cover all areas of marketing activities.

How much money do you need to allocate for marketing?

Some companies, especially small ones, believe that marketing is something that is available only to large players in the market, because such services are very expensive. However, in practice, this is not so – given the wide range of tools and methods used for promotion, you can choose the right ones for any budget. There is no way to pay for television spots in prime time or to hang outdoor advertising in the city? They can be replaced by direct meetings with customers, participation in exhibitions and advertising on the Internet, which with a competent approach can give even better results.

The main thing is that professionals should be engaged in the advertising campaign , and the approach to the marketing strategy of the company should be comprehensive, taking into account market conditions, specifics of the business and customer requests, and then even the most ambitious goals will be easily achieved. Remember Marketing ideas for construction business.

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