How to find old websites that no longer exist 2020

Hearing the phrase expired website , many users immediately imagine something mystical and unusual. In fact, everything is much simpler – the concept of expired sites or old websites that no longer exist includes two meanings:

how to find old websites that no longer exist
  1. Web resources that have not been updated for a long time and are not visited by users, but are still on the Web,
  2. completely disappeared projects, which are no longer possible to visit, as their owner did not renew the domain or hosting. You can view the content of such resources by visiting or by finding an archive of all pages on the site made by some interested visitor using the Teleport program.

Usually expired website of both types are of little interest even to the creators themselves, and not to potential visitors. Most often, their development and creation are focused solely on the rapid acquisition of profit on link exchanges. Such projects are stamped in batches from scanned or generated content, added to Sape or – if it is possible to give the resource a more or less pleasant look – in GGL, are actively spammed by links and, in the end, disappear forever, as they become unnecessary to their owner after falling under the AGS

The natural death of such sites, so to speak, makes the Internet cleaner.


However, there are some very interesting dead sites on the Internet that were once visited projects. But at some point, something happened to the owner or the profit brought by the project became too small for its further maintenance, or the creators lost interest in their brainchild, and the site turned out to be abandoned, and then completely disappeared from the network.

Such expired sites are often found among narrow-topic projects, the attendance of which initially could not be sufficient to make a profit. For example, the site of a little-known group where only a handful of fans communicate, or a web-project dedicated to an old game, which is now of little interest to anyone.

how to find old websites that no longer exist

Before you try to find dead sites or how to find old websites that no longer exist, you need to decide why you need them. If you are just a user who is interested in finding information on a topic, then a good solution might be to browse various site directories, especially those that have existed for several years.

A few years ago, many webmasters actively added their projects to all kinds of directories until the links from these resources ceased to positively affect the ranking in Google. Since then, a lot of time has passed, the added sites have long disappeared from the network, but the links to them have not disappeared.

Similarly, you can find references to the site on various blogs, forums that have existed for several years. As a rule, any worthy and visited resource quickly grows in links, it is discussed by a large number of Internet users.

After you find out the address, just find it in the Web Archive and – voila! – before you is a dead site. Unfortunately, the robots of the Web Archive do not always correctly process dynamic addresses, so you are unlikely to be able to read abandoned forums, and from many sites in the Web-archive there are only a few pages.

Content from old websites that no longer exist

Content from old websites that no longer exist

Many webmasters who do not have enough money to buy texts are interested in various SEO forums: what is the attitude to the content from the Google Web Archive? The correct answer: search engines respond positively to any content that is unique and interesting to users, so you are unlikely to run into a filter solely because you posted articles from Webarchive on the site. It’s another matter that it’s quite difficult to find truly high-quality and unique content there, since in the vast majority of cases high-quality texts are copied to other resources even at the time of the site’s existence.

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