21 call to action templates converting readers to customers

When we write sales texts, we usually focus on the headlines. Of course, the headings are very important. Without a good headline, people simply won’t read our text. But then the man came to the end. So what? Now we want him to perform the action we need.

Motivation is what encourages people to click on the links of your offer, causing the desired response. Therefore, if you want to provoke powerful motivation that will make people act, the trick is to pack a few words into powerful phrases that encourage people to take the desired actions.

21 call to action templates converting readers to customers

A call to action is the strongest part of all your content, because it releases a natural solution from your text and projects it into the brain of your potential client, making him want what you offer. These clicks are triggered by call-to-action words that convert the readers of your offer into your customers.

We are always fascinated by what makes people click on links, becoming our subscribers and customers.

The psychology behind all this may be deep enough, but you don’t need to be a psychologist to use the full power of a call to action.

So how do calls to action fit into your content?

For landing pages (also known as landing pages), a call to action is located immediately after the title and subheading, or after any added content on the page. It should be in the visible area of ​​the screen and be the last thing the visitor sees. A call to action may appear on this web page more than once.

Of course, this depends on the type of page and the length of the content. In graphic banners, there is usually only one call to action. Pop-ups also contain powerful calls to action built into them.

A call to action may be presented in a larger font. This usually encourages the visitor to click on the link to receive what the offer offers.

Your call to action should be very clear and resonant, reflecting its main benefits.

This can be a full banner or button on a banner, website or blog. Even just a simple implicit hyperlink on any web page can be a powerful call to action. A call to action works so well because it tells your potential customers what they should do exactly.

One of the lessons that online marketing gives us is that people need to be told what they should do in the next step. Even though you may think the next step is obvious, spell it out in a call to action for your readers.

This sets the right tone for you to start sharing with people the value you want to offer, and you can do it without any cheating, steaming or twisting your arms. Using convincing words, you can convert potential customers into buyers. You can use various emotions to convince and “get into the head” of visitors.

By incorporating benefits into your call to action, you will almost always win against a streamlined call to action.

For example, which link would you rather click on?

  1. Click here to register.
  2. Register now and find out how to change your life in just 3 days.

Here are the emotions that enhance the call to action:

  • Urgency
  • Fear
  • Curiosity
  • Greed
  • Envy
  • Pride
  • Promise

21 call to action templates

Here are 21 call-to-action templates that you can personalize for your online business. You can easily complete them by adding the necessary words in square brackets. However, some of them can be used as they are.

  1. Click here to [… … … ….]
  2. By clicking on this link, you will receive [… … … ….]
  3. Download now to find out [… … … ….]
  4. Call now [… … … ….]
  5. Save your [… … … …] by clicking here [… … … ….]
  6. Activate my free [… … … ….]
  7. To learn more [… … … ….]
  8. Get your free [… … … ….]
  9. Create your free account [… … … ….]
  10. Subscribe to receive your [… … … ….]
  11. For a speedy [… … … ….] click here right now!
  12. You will receive free shipping when [… … … ….]
  13. Order now and get [… … … ….]
  14. Reserve your place right now before [… … …. ….]
  15. Buy it now at a discount [… … … ….]
  16. Only for the next 5 minutes can you [… … … ….]
  17. Register now and get the 3 largest [… … … ….]
  18. Get access to [… … … ….] right now!
  19. Join now and reserve your price [… … …. ….]
  20. Click here right now, or you may miss [… … … ….]
  21. Take action right now [… … … ….]

So now you have 21 call-to-action templates that you can start using in your marketing today. Of course, there are much more of them, but even these will be enough for you to easily, quickly and without much thought write your own call to action.

However, this is not all.

In order for calls to action to work flawlessly, you must definitely test them. Using the split testing methodology, you can get the call to action version that will work best for you and your target audience.

With this type of testing, you are comparing one call to action with another. And you will see how conversion is changing from one to another. Once you get what is called a “call to action” call, meaning the best of these two, continue testing further, trying to get an even better call to action, and so on. To achieve high conversion of your offer, you need to come up with a well-convertible call to action.

This ensures that achieving a high conversion from your call to action, you will receive more leads and income than ever with this page or banner.

Try this and I’m sure you will be surprised at the results.

Never rest on your laurels, and you will always find more and more calls to action that will result in even more sales and leads.

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