Business ideas for someone with no skills: Tips and Advice

What kind of business can you start if you don’t have a lot of start-up capital, as well as special skills like the ability to shoot and edit videos, write program codes for mobile applications and make website designs? This issue is being discussed by users of the Quora discussion service, popular in Silicon Valley. H&F translated the most interesting answers. So here i am giving tips on business ideas for someone with no skills.

Business ideas for someone with no skills

Business ideas for someone with no skills

  1. Find customers first
  2. Start with Services
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Learn in the process
  5. Get ready for the difficulties
  6. Use dating
  7. Become a web designer
  8. Do not seek advice

8 Business ideas for someone with no skills

Find customers first

Andrew Burnett-Thomson, IT Consultant

I was in a similar situation, however, it was a little easier for me – I was able to write program code. In my free time (before work and after) I wrote those programs that I now sell online. Instead of tackling the “amazing thing that no one has ever done,” I decided to improve an existing product. I can say that at the start, 90% of success must be provided with your own sweat, and 10% with skills.

SnapInspect founder Sam Owens talked how to find an idea and sell it, while the software product has not yet been created. This is awesome – be sure to look. In search of an idea, he, in particular, looked at job sites to see which companies hire people during the recession. He asked local businessmen what they hate the most in their work to solve their problem. So, he found out that real estate agents do not like to make announcements (you need to go to the object, take a picture, return to the office, process the photo, write a description, etc.). He asked them if they would like to use a mobile application that would help them edit photos on the spot. They said yes. And even agreed to pay for it. Then he began to ask how they would like to see this application, to clarify the details. And in the end, he released a popular product. If you do then what people need, sales will come. But often you don’t know what they really want, so first you need to find consumers of the product, and then take up its development.

Start with Services

Start with services. Do not even think about the release of a product – it requires more money and time (it takes from six months to a year from the moment of implementation to receipt of money). And do not say that you do not have any skills: for walking dogs there must be a skill, for working as a nanny, too. You do not need to be a techie to say that you have a special qualification, because the ability to build relationships with people is also a skill. With him, you can, for example, create a recruiting agency. Find your strength – this is very important. When you find it, you will understand what type of services you can provide with its help. Do not try to be who you are not.

Keep it simple

Clayton Hockenbury, Business Trainer

My first business began with the fact that I went to different places and asked for a job. I was 10 years old, and I began to sweep the sidewalks in front of the shops. I came to the store and offered to sweep the sidewalk. As a result, I had about eight points. Many shopkeepers entrusted me with other work for an additional fee – I, for example, washed cars. Not a very attractive business, but I earned more than I could spend.

My friend started cleaning chimneys (then he was the owner of the store). Now he makes $ 300,000 a year, which he can spend on hiring people who know more about pipe cleaning than he does. Again, this is dirty work, but I would be ready to wash once again for more than a quarter of a million dollars!

You can go out and ask people what they want. You can pick weeds and mow lawns. By the way, many billionaires started their business with such services. One of my favorite examples: the guy started by digging a ditch for digging sewer pipes, and retired from the business as the owner of the largest swimming pool installation company in the state.

Learn in the process

It seems to me that it is difficult to find the ideal idea for a company if you are starting from the idea of ​​”what can I do.” Instead, you should think about what your soul is up to, then many problems begin to find a solution. In the long run, this leads to success: you work, but do not feel at work.

Look at the great entrepreneurs of today. Elon Musk did not come up with the idea of ​​Space Travel, thinking about what he can afford. He determined what he wants to do, and began working to realize his dream (by the way, he almost went bankrupt in the process!).

My best education was creating my own company. So you can also try yourself, for example, in e-commerce. A WordPress site through which you can accept payments is done for free and without the involvement of developers. Locals can offer something that you can sell. If you just start acting and you’re lucky, you might find your life’s work.

Get ready for the difficulties

You can place job ads on freelancer portals. Do not ask for a lot of money and tear your ass to make your customers happy. Take on small projects so that one does not take a hundred hours to complete. Thanks to successfully completed orders, your rating on the site will grow. With the growth of reputation, you can increase the cost of services. To get customers off the platform, start building long-term partnerships with them. And this is only one path among a billion possibilities. At first you do not create a business, but simply find a job for yourself that will remain so, if you do not take the next step, you will not start hiring assistants.

It is important to remember that running your business is much harder than it sounds. You need to ask yourself in advance: are you ready to survive difficult times and fight? If you are facing difficulties, it’s best to find yourself a job.

Use dating

The answer is in the question itself: if there is no money and special skills, it is better not to start a business at all. If you have a lot of money, you can hire a qualified employee. If you are highly qualified, you can find an investor. I would advise you to find something to your liking and study it enough to become an expert in this matter, working for some knowledgeable person. Once qualification will allow you to start your own business.

By the way, there are things that do not require high qualifications and money to start a business. For example, you can use your own connections and acquaintances.

Become a web designer

David Seidman,
Microsoft Antivirus Manager

Learn to program, learn HTML5. If you have a sense of style, learn more about the basics of graphic design. It will take about a month. Create a complex website for yourself – at the same time practice. Then become a freelance web designer. The cost of starting such a business tends to zero if you have a computer. And the demand for such services is quite large. In addition, if you have the idea of ​​your own web service or site, you can implement it for free.

Do not seek advice

It is better to reformulate the question:

1. What kind of business is better to start without qualifications and money, for which I will buy unnecessary things with people who I don’t like, to say one day: “What have I spent my life on?”

2. What kind of business is better to start without qualifications and money in order to have fun, communicate with nice people and earn enough money?

Having made a choice between these two points, you need to understand what means, abilities and desires are for this. If they are not, nothing will work.

Resources for creating a business can be money, charm, skills, ingenuity, education, confidence, communication, reliability, friends, loyalty, attractiveness, location, experience, motivation, talent, leadership, logic, etc.

But if you really need advice on what to do in life, how to start a business with no skills, here it is: do not pay attention to all of the above, you still can not do it. If you don’t need advice, just re-read what I wrote about business ideas for someone with no skills and confirm that you already know that.

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