Build an ecommerce web site Special Guide

Build an ecommerce web site Special Guide

You are not the only entrepreneur who wants to start e commerce and make a strong entry into his entrepreneurial career. You should not forget that you have dozens of competitors operating on the Internet, there are many entrepreneurs who want to enter e-commerce and you have a linear connection between your business model and your successes.

E-commerce, which has become increasingly profitable thanks to the increase of consumers’ online shopping preferences and innovations in consumption habits, is not among the favorite business ideas of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, who sometimes carry out their activities by purchasing products and sometimes with the logic of buy and sell, may experience a great disappointment when they do not have enough information.

When the problems of entrepreneurs who are e-commerce but fail to show the success they want are examined, it is known that many different problems may arise. Some entrepreneurs are experiencing e-commerce software problems, some are worrying about payment systems, some think it fails due to ranking on search engines, while others believe that the online sales initiative is an unnecessary effort. Whatever the problem, everyone who starts e-commerce cannot be happy. Why is that?

Because there is no need to act in a planned manner for enterprises that give the impression of a practical and easy business idea such as e-commerce. Everyone is mistaken that the famous Marketplace sites will succeed. Product selection is not made correctly, technical infrastructure cannot be established, websites are not cared for, coordination is not ensured with suppliers, SEO compliance is not taken into account already, and the demands of customers who want to access detailed information about products cannot be met.

In this article, we will explain the steps that should be followed by those who are considering Build an ecommerce web site. Next, we will provide important information about the features that e-commerce sites should have. Pleasant readings.

Things to Know about build an ecommerce web site

Things to Know about build an ecommerce web site

If you have an idea of ​​establishing an e-commerce website, energy, patience and budget for this, we can easily say that you are halfway through. However, you should know that the e-commerce adventure is not like traditional commerce. E-commerce sites, which have their own inner dynamics, are constantly developing and lucrative for entrepreneurs who can keep up, are only the tip of the iceberg. Setting up an e-commerce site is a different project, and managing an e-commerce site is a completely different subject. E-commerce entrepreneurs started by taking the right steps can make faces smile.

1. Enable E-Commerce Logic


Why do people shop online? One of the most basic points you should clarify about e-commerce is the answer to this question. All entrepreneurs who want to develop their virtual store and earn money through the virtual store should understand the source of this intense interest in e-commerce. The diversity of products on e-commerce sites, the ability to sell products for more affordable prices than physical stores, and the comparison of products and access to customer reviews attract consumers. Therefore, understanding the e-commerce logic affects entrepreneurs’ career prospects.

You should mature your mind after understanding the e-commerce philosophy. During the ripening phase, you should make your market analysis, solve your competitors’ strategies and of course shape your product determination steps in line with the demands of your target audience. Just like the foundations of the building, if you lay the foundations of your e-commerce idea, you can achieve increasing success.

2. Build Your Company


If you want to enter the e-commerce site project to sell online, you must fulfill your legal obligations. You should know that all products sold online are taxable, you must bill and fulfill your obligations to the government. For all this, you must complete the official setup of your company. If you already have a business and you intend to start e-commerce to improve your existing business, then you don’t need to open an additional company for e-commerce. At this point, you should pay attention to the activity field of your current business and the activities of your e-commerce site. For example, if you have a pideci shop and you are going to go into e-commerce and sell clothes, then you should enter a new company.

3. Choose a Domain Name for Your E-Commerce Site

Although it is one of the most critical points we have come to, it is the most overlooked step … If you are going to set up an e-commerce website and you already have a brand, your job is easy. You purchase a domain name containing your brand name and integrate it with e-commerce software and open your site. What if your brand awareness is high! But let’s come to know that if you create a brand from scratch and enter the e-commerce business, you should be prepared for a troubled process. First of all, finding a domain name does not consist of choosing a few short words. Domain name can affect your website’s ranking in search engines. If you cannot find a catchy name and you do not pay attention to the SEO compliance of your site, you will leave your job to chance. When choosing a domain name, you should consider your target audience, products, how you want to be remembered and found, and Google’s algorithms.

4. E-Commerce Software

Build an ecommerce web site

One of the most controversial topics is e-commerce software. There are two different alternatives for you to open an e-commerce site: the first is to order a special e-commerce software for you and your brand, which is irrelevant if you have a low budget. The second and most preferred alternative is to purchase ready-made e-commerce software. Today, ready-made e-commerce software is developing gradually and meets the needs of users. In addition to being more affordable compared to special software, meeting the basic requirements increases the frequency of preference of ready-made software. We can also point out that you will need to look for features such as mobile compatibility, SEO compliance, user experience, speed, integrated services, developable infrastructure and easy-to-use management panel on all e-commerce sites.

5. Carefully Examine Legal Processes

As with all commercial activities, you should manage the legal processes correctly for your e-commerce initiatives. You must absolutely meet the requirements on your site, such as confidentiality agreement, distance sales agreement and user agreements. Since you cannot prepare these documents on your own or with someone you trust, you should seek help from lawyers with IT expertise. No matter how completely you prepare the legal statements prepared by predicting the problems you may experience during your commercial activities, you can prevent your possible damages. Since you can emphasize your attention to legal obligations, you can increase your customers’ trust in you and revive their shopping requests.

6. Deal with Your Suppliers

You should agree with reliable suppliers for the continuity of your e-commerce site. As we said at the beginning of our article, you can sell your own products on the e-commerce site or you can gather the requested products and build a small market place site. Likewise, you can store products or mediate orders. Regardless of your business model, search for suppliers to deal with, visit them at places where research is not enough. You can say that my suppliers are in China on this discourse, but we can also argue that there are supports available for this business trip. You can manage your business more comfortably and smoothly if you are sure that you will not score from the quality of the products you will sell to your customers and the procurement process.

7. Product Images and Product Contents


The visuals of the products you plan to sell on your e-commerce site should be high quality. If a potential customer chose to visit your site among dozens of sites, it should not be regretted. You imagine that product images, such as mud, whose colors are not even clear, will harm your site and brand. For this, you should prepare your product images in the best way, if necessary, get help from professional photographers and you should be present during your product shots. The work does not end here, too, in order for the beautiful images you take to gain meaning and advantage over competitors, product contents must be prepared. Consumers who can access detailed information about the products to be purchased make the decision to purchase more easily. Moreover, thanks to the product contents prepared in SEO compatible, your e-commerce site can become a better position in search engines. If you pass the product images and product contents step as it should be, you can get many advantages such as increasing the availability of your site, convincing your potential customers for sale and revealing your corporate stance.

8. Choose Payment System

Ease and practicality are inherent in the e-commerce site. If you want your customers to shop on your site, you should offer them different payment options. Even the existence of alternatives such as money order, eft, credit card and door payment become attractive factors for your customers. Our suggestion will be to offer installment options especially to credit cards. You may need to meet with banks and request virtual poses. If you make a single virtual pos application, you cannot cover all the customers you apply for; you will only address bank customers with whom you receive virtual pos. At this stage, you will have two options before you either send your virtual pos request to all banks individually or you can make an agreement with payment systems companies. Thus, you can receive payments quickly, set up the system quickly and also have the privilege of selling products in different currencies. When determining payment systems, you should make choices to make sure that your site is safe and that your customers will not be harmed. You should make sure that you take the necessary security precautions for online shopping in order not to encounter customers who enter credit card information on your site and then get damaged because their information is stolen.

9. Meet the Cargo Companies

Your e-commerce site has been opened, your product images are number ten, customers have started to visit your site and product sales are increasing. At this point, you had serious problems with the cargo company you made an agreement with … The products went to your customers late, delivery was canceled without actually trying to reach your customers … What do you think? If you do not want to waste your efforts, you should also plan the delivery processes of the products. You should talk to the cargo companies, discuss the conditions, and evaluate all the possibilities. You should ask your customers which shipping company they want their products to be delivered to and if necessary, you should go to an agreement with more than one cargo company.

Congratulations if you have completed all these stages, you can put your e-commerce site into service with peace of mind. Now, you have another important obstacle to earn high income from your well-functioning site. After exceeding it, you can maximize your success.

10. Advertising

10. ADVERTISING build an ecommerce website

You have different options to advertise your e-commerce site. You can prefer traditional methods, exist on social media, and you can take advantage of all the opportunities of digital marketing in general. You can grow your business with Google Adwords and social media ads, marketing methods such as remarketing and retargeting. However, at this stage, you should consider some marketing budget. We recommend optimizing your advertising budget well to avoid the mistake that most entrepreneurs fall. In the meantime, you should decide the field of activity of your e-commerce site, the demographic features of your target audience, how you can reach your target audience in the easiest way, how you can influence them and make them choose you.

What Features Should E Commerce Site Have?

We have brought together the features of the e-commerce site, which is one of the most important issues that entrepreneurs who want to open an e-commerce site should focus on. Whether you build an ecommerce web site private or buy ready-made e-commerce software, you should make sure that your site has these features.

Your E-Commerce Site Should Be User Friendly

Your potential customers who visit your e-commerce site should be able to find what they are looking for on your site. They should shop quickly and finish their work without being directed to unnecessary pages. Since having a user-friendly website will affect all your success, you should be aware of the following:

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