Attract Customers With Performance ads Videos, Turn Interest into Action

In the ever-evolving digital media environment, when it comes to online videos, it is very important to create the right campaign setup and to support the process with measurements and analysis in order to achieve success.

Attract Customers With Performance ads Videos, Turn Interest into Action

It is not enough for marketers who want to achieve successful results to only talk to the relevant audiences. They do more than that; for example, they need to turn this interest into action. However, in the ever-evolving digital media environment, especially when it comes to online videos, it is crucial to create the right campaign setup and to support the process with measurements and analysis in order to achieve successful results. In this article we will discuss Benefits of video marketing Attract Users With Performance Videos.

What Is This Performance ads Video?

Performance oriented video campaigns refer to formats that will allow users to take direct action on the website for the product or service mentioned in the video ad. These actions may include site visits, form filling or shopping actions. TrueView for Action is gathered under the umbrella of Performance Video campaigns, which include TrueView for Shopping and Universal App Campaigns for Video.

Why Should We Use It?

YouTube has become a platform where audiences spend more time each day and not only watch videos but also upload content. Especially in Turkey market in 2017 than in 2018 now we monitor the duration of that increased by 35% gözlemledik.1 the same time, global, YouTube advertisements of conversion of 150% of the increase showed biliyoruz.2 that this shows, action-oriented video formats are no longer consumers of transformation complete order and quickly It is very important for them to learn about the products and services they are looking for or are interested in.

Which Goals Should Be Used for Performance Video Formats?

Performance Video formats are the right address when it comes to mobilization, conversion and simultaneous awareness. The definition of transformation may be different for each business model , but focusing on micro conversions in the first place is a good start to measure the campaign impact. Site visits are one of them.

How Should The Successful Performance Video Campaign Be Installed In The First Stage?

Format: TrueView For Action

First, choose your campaign goal; reach sales, site traffic or potential customers. What is the primary goal you want to achieve?

Target Audiences

Special purpose audiences or re-marketing audiences … These two types of targeting will help you engage with the audience you want to reach. Choose audiences who are actively looking for your product on Google in the first place or have interacted with you before.

Bidding Strategy

As you begin to communicate, you may not be able to estimate your target costs per transaction. For this reason, you can choose the strategy to maximize the number of conversions. With this strategy, it is possible to achieve maximum return within a certain budget.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking needs to be set up in this campaign format. As a first step, you can follow micro conversions like site visit.


TrueView for Action campaign videos must be different from those used in other brand awareness campaigns. First of all, you need to produce 4-5 different videos and give information about the product or service in the first 5 seconds in these creatives that will appeal to the audience.

TrueView for Action campaigns bring success to reach audiences who will spend a long time on the site.

We have prepared a guide for you to get the best results from the ads you publish on YouTube. While there is no single way to make everyone successful, the analysis and recommendations in this guide are backed by both research and success stories from top performing YouTube campaigns. Whether you’re aiming to raise awareness, attract attention, and be effective in the entire funnel, you can find tips and suggestions to help you achieve the desired results every time.

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