Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Marketing

The marketing process, which is carried out through the promotion of a brand’s promotional and advertising activities , is referred to as “ digital marketing ”. Factors such as the development of technology, easier internet access and the widespread use of smart devices increase both the effects and components of digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies that dominate the business world with an ever-increasing momentum enable brands to reach consumers in a fast, effective and original way. Digital marketing, which offers hard-to-ignore opportunities for small companies as well as large companies, increases the reasons for being preferred with its affordable costs compared to traditional marketing methods. Here Advantages and disadvantages of Digital Marketing.

10 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Here are 10 advantages that we think will convince you of a digital planning plan and budget acquisition:

1. Digital Marketing is Affordable

It is known that companies that apply to digital marketing methods experience a serious cost advantage compared to traditional marketing methods . Companies do not need to allocate huge budgets for digital marketing activities that can be carried out through different channels such as online display advertising, blogging, SEO, content marketing , website, e-mail marketing and social media . By choosing the most convenient methods to reach the target audience with the right strategies, high efficiency can be achieved despite the affordable costs of digital marketing.

2. Digital Marketing Results Can Be Measured

When a company, individual or institution applies to digital marketing methods, it can easily measure the results of the studies it organizes. For example, when Google Adwords advertises, it can analyze email marketing performance, find how many people click on that ad and visit the website, find out how many people shared their social media shares and how many people accessed it via social media. Therefore, it is possible to optimize both the works of digital marketing campaigns and the results obtained.

3. Getting Digital Marketing Results Fast

All steps taken within the scope of digital marketing activities are spreading rapidly in the internet environment. Real-time interaction with customers can be achieved and customers’ reactions can be observed instantly. For example, if you have advertised internet for your company and a potential customer clicked on your ad, entered your site, filled in a form, or shopped through your site, you can have this information instantly. From this point of view, it can be understood that digital marketing makes it easier to make clearer decisions on both short and long term goals.

4. Access to Mobile Customers with Digital Marketing

It cannot be denied that one of the main reasons for digital marketing to wreak havoc is the sophistication of mobile access for people with smart devices. Notifications that go to mobile phones in seconds, ads encountered during social media outings, interesting videos and fast visits to websites fly the mobile wing of digital marketing, so to speak.

5. Digital Marketing Brings Advantage on the Path to Globallic

If we consider traditional marketing activities, we can state that digital marketing can have a global impact, so long as the strategies are planned and the characteristics of the target audience are considered. Digital marketing methods, which offer the opportunity to spread from the location where awareness about the brand of the enterprise to the city, from the province to the country, and from the country to the world, create an unprecedented aura of history. Digital marketing, which destroys the stereotypes of trade and business life and creates a huge gap for itself, can multiply and diversify the opportunities it offers thanks to its variety of methods.

6. Customer Behaviors Can Be Analyzed Through Digital Marketing Methods

As we have just mentioned, the results of digital marketing studies can be measured. It is easy to get information about the reactions of customers and the actions they take in the face of digital marketing efforts. Therefore, those who are marketing over the internet have the option to better direct the behavior of their customers for their next campaigns. Those who review their campaigns so that they can access the information of current and potential customers, analyze their behavior and show more demand, can catch the big fish in the ocean of the internet.

7. Digital Marketing Introduces Companies 24/7

Digital marketing techniques, which enable advertising and promotion of businesses, regardless of the time zone, climate, working hours, or personnel leave requests, offer multiple benefits to companies. Businesses that encounter demands outside working hours, have the privilege to respond to customer comments personally, and can express themselves through content marketing in different media on the internet, can increase their success with the advantages of digital marketing.

8. Digital Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

You woke up in the morning and wanted to take a look at social media. During the day, you encountered the e-mail notifications sent to your mobile phone, or you got information about the campaigns delivered to you via mobile applications. You tried to access a product information through the Google search engine, after days passed, you were exposed to new information about that product and its equivalents. You found time to watch videos on Youtube and wanted to share the video you watched on your social media account. By giving dozens of examples like this and so on, we can express the place of digital marketing in our daily life. One of the biggest advantages offered by digital marketing is its ability to constantly expose consumers to certain things. It is not surprising as it increases the awareness of the brands that can use this network effectively.

9. Digital Marketing Increases Customer Loyalty

Thanks to digital marketing, companies have the opportunity to establish an interactive relationship with their existing and potential customers. He notices requests, questions or complaints from them. He returns to his customers and addresses his questions. When responding to the communication efforts initiated by customers, even customers who convey the most aggressive complaints can develop positive feelings towards the brand. Digital marketing, like traditional marketing methods, does not ignore customer opinions, ideas or feelings. The digital marketing process cannot process with the logic of “Let me advertise, we see the results”. Therefore, the active role of company officials in advertising and promotion processes increases the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers .

10. Access to the Right Audience Through Digital Marketing

Digital marketing methods, which provide access to the right audience with the right analysis, offer benefits to companies in the field of time management as well as cost advantage. It makes it possible to spend the budget spent for advertising and promotion processes effectively with the right targeting. The fact that the dynamics that will activate the customer mass of each company are different, increases the importance of target audience analysis before digital marketing.

Today, marketing has gained a new meaning and scope with digital marketing, we cannot deny it. Nevertheless, we cannot say that any company that started digital marketing studies will achieve absolute success. Digital marketing methods and techniques have their own challenges. Like any marketing method that is not based on accurate analysis and not shaped in line with the reactions of the target audience, digital marketing cannot achieve the goals.

What are the Disadvantages of Digital Marketing?

It should also be known that digital marketing, which can be personalized, measured, developed and has become the indispensable marketing strategy of the business world, has some disadvantages.

Since digital marketing is now everyone’s choice, there is huge competition in this area. Those who want to experience the advantages of digital marketing with their own means should have a lot of luck and whether luck plays a role in the success of digital marketing. Another issue considered as a disadvantage of digital marketing is also the advantage of digital marketing. Those who want to do digital marketing have many alternatives, but if they do not proceed with the correct analysis, they will disappear immediately in this ecosystem.

As a result, the success of digital marketing depends on experience, vision and following developments. Waiting for successful digital marketing studies that are not based on analysis should not be considered as a realistic light of hope. Nevertheless, the potential of digital marketing, whose disadvantages intersect with its advantages, should never be overlooked. Now all businesses and even those who want to create their individual brand should have knowledge about digital marketing. Activities carried out in the digital environment based on hearsay information can lead to an impact on the wrong audience or to fail to respond. For this reason, those who have the opportunity to receive digital marketing trainings are recommended to evaluate these options.

Why Should You Get Digital Marketing Training?

Digital marketing requires expertise, only those who have an idea about the subject cannot expect to improve in digital marketing. In order to understand the business ecosystem on digital marketing and internet, it is necessary to participate in digital marketing trainings. The availability of online digital marketing training option strengthens the hand of those who want to have knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

“Why should digital marketing training be taken?” In general, the following answers can be given to the question:

  • Thanks to digital marketing training, individuals can discover different ways to exist on the internet. They can consider their goals and move towards different areas of digital marketing in line with their goals.
  • It teaches movement strategies to companies that want to expand their digital marketing education business, entrepreneurs who want to announce their success or those who want to raise awareness with their products. How to make analysis, which media to cause, makes the difference in the development areas of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing has led to the emergence of many new generation professions. Those who want to work as a freelance or to specialize in a constantly developing sector in line with their talents can participate in digital marketing training and create a brand new and promising career.

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